John Sethares, Fatbardha Shala, James Forbes Sheehan yeezy, Maykl Sher, Samantha E. Sides, Sarah Mary Sidhom, […]

As people get even a little older , moving from the earlier teens to the later teens and twenties, romantic an […]

I have reported this to DC Traffic Control to no avail. DC is the kind of city that only reacts once someone i […]

I’d say it has an average intensity when it comes to vibration. With the small knob at the end it is eas […]

In the playoffs it became a family more than anything else. Although we do not pre screen comments, we reserve […]

2) If not for people like me, car manufacturers will have fewer incentive to build sports cars like the 86. Th […]

I can supply a personal anecdote to partially answer your first question. In both of my previous jobs, my team […]